Breaking: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes S.B. 1062

Breaking news tonight, or this evening in the Pacific time zone. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) has decided to veto Senate Bill 1062, which opponents said legalized discrimination against same-sex couples in the name of religious freedom. At a press conference in Tuscon, Brewer said that she had not seen a “single instance” of religious liberty being trampled in the way the authors of the bill were hoping to stop. Brewer added that the bill caused more problems than it “purported to solve”.

Opponents of the new law had lined up in just a few short days since its passage from the Arizona legislature. They included many of the legislators that originally authored the bill, the MLB, the NFL, both of the state’s Republican United States Senators, and J.P. Morgan Chase. Discussion had already begun that the SuperBowl, scheduled to be held in Phoenix next year, may be moved if fans and players could not be ensured equal treatment while attending the event.

After Governor Brewer signed the even more controversial S.B. 1070 into law, many originally expected the Governor to sign this bill, too. That bill mandated that police officers in the state verify the immigration status of those they “suspected” may be undocumented immigrants. Opponents of the law pointed out that the only way to suspect one of being an undocumented immigrant is by using racial profiling, and the law was mostly invalidated by the Supreme Court shortly after Brewer signed it.



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