Ukrainian President Yanukovych on the Run

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has been indicted for mass murder today because of his government’s response to demonstrations in Kiev last week. Yanukovych fled the country over the weekend by helicopter, which took him to the disputed region of Crimea. From there, he was apparently unable to leave the country. Since then, he has been added to the Ukraine’s “most wanted” list:

“An official case for the mass murder of peaceful citizens has been opened,” Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook, referring to the shooting by police marksmen of many of the 82 people killed in two days of bloodshed in Kiev last week.

“Yanukovich and other people responsible for this have been declared wanted,” he added.

Avakov was named acting head of the interior ministry after its prior head was ousted for being at the helm of the over-the-top response to demonstrators last week.

Yanukovch’s chief rival Yulia Tymoshenko was recently released from a “prison hospital”, where she was serving time for public corruption. Of course, with the corruption that has now been exposed under Yanukovych, it is no stretch to imagine that charges against rival politicians may have been, shall we say, exaggerated.


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