Scott Walker Can’t Dodge “Routergate” Forever

As readers will be aware by now, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) has found himself enmeshed in his own “gate”, this time a scandal about, among many other things, the use of secret wireless routers to send campaign related emails while using public resources, a big no-no.

Over the weekend at the annual National Governor’s Association meeting, Walker continued to try to change the subject, but added a new layer, deflecting attention towards fellow embattled Governor and 2016 Republican Presidential contender Chris Christie (R), telling reporters that the New Jersey Governor’s troubles were, “just beginning.” Christie “addressed it early on, but obviously he’s not out of the woods yet”.

Walker’s comments about Christie are obviously seeking to deflect attention from himself towards a potential rival. What I found more interesting, though, was Walker taking friendly fire from Chris Wallace of Fox News in an interview aired yesterday:

WALLACE: Did you know there was a private email account?
WALKER: No, again, it’s one of those right point out – the district attorney has reviewed every single one of these issues.
WALLACE: You’re not answering my question.
WALKER: No, because I’m not going to get into 27,000 different pieces of information.
And there you have it. Walker can try and try to give that answer all he wants. This is an old issue, there was no charge, I can’t go over 27,000 pages of documents, but even the hard hitting journo’s at Fox News WILL ask the question. As we all know in politics, if you’re defending yourself on an issue, you’ve already lost.
Just ask Purple Heart war hero John Kerry how that worked out against draft-dodging George W. Bush.
Postscript: This is the result from when I Googled “John Kerry Purple Heart” just now to find a link for above. In order to find an article on the FACT that America’s Secretary of State received a Purple Heart in the Vietnam War, one has to navigate through about three pages of hate-filled conspiracy theories first.

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