Sweet Dreams 2/20/2014

– Zachary Goldfarb at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog has a great take on the implications of President Obama dropping “chained CPI” from this year’s budget. According to Goldfarb, the more “no holds barred”, small-bore proposals of this year’s budget are less likely to actually pass, but hopeful to at least move political debate in the right direction. That’s a far cry from actually passing positive legislation:

It’s possible that by proposing a narrow set of policies, Obama can move Congress in his direction. But while the president is still open to compromise, he is no longer actively seeking it. And so, better to at least get your ideas out there, even if they’re not likely to be passed

– Finally, a Republican coming out against Ted Nugent calling the President a “Mongoloid”, instead of campaigning with him and it’s… Rick Perry? Perry told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today:

“He shouldn’t have said something like that about the president of the United States. I would suggest to you that the job situation in Texas and what a Republican leadership has done there and Greg Abbott will continue to do is what people really care about”.

First reaction, color me shocked that Rick Perry, the owner of Niggarhead ranch, was the first major elected republican to stand up to racist language towards the President. Second reaction, is it me, or does Rick Perry still have ideas about running in ’16? Call me jaded, but it looks like Perry might be trying to fill the Responsible Establishment Republican void left by Chris Christie and (possibly) Scott Walker’s implosion.

Oh, and he’s making an appearance in Iowa next week, so that settles that, he’s running.

– Oh, no big deal, just the third spill of toxic chemicals or oil in six weeks in West Virginia today. Apparently, runoff from melting snow caused a spill at a site that had abandoned after, you guessed it, a major spill caused it to be shut down. It’s pretty amazing that regulators in West Virginia allowed an abandoned site to have materials that could be spilled by something as mundane as melting snow, but I suppose it’s not surprising. According to authorities, no drinking water was contaminated, but we’ve seen West Virginia “authorities” be wrong several times of late.

– Here’s John McCain doing his level best to be positive and constructive on the Ukraine situation, which still has thousands of people in harms way and fires raging at this moment:

“This is the most naive president in history,” he said on Phoenix radio station KFYI, according to Politico. “The naiveté of Barack Obama and John Kerry is stunning.”

“He may try — and I emphasize may — try to have some partition of … Ukraine,” McCain said. “He is committed to keeping Ukraine as part of Russia.”

McCain said that Putin has “played us so incredibly.”

I could go with the whole, “you know who was naive, the President who was deceived by his decrepit Vice President into invading a country to get its WMD and stop Al Quaeda, even though that country never had WMD or Al Quaeda- until we got there”, but I’m going to stay away from that one.

What I find ridiculous is how blatantly wrong McCain is. You can say that Obama is naive and weak until you’re blue in the face, as McCain literally has been doing since about 2007, but that just doesn’t make it true.

In this world, under President Obama, there have been some policy hiccups, and a large portion of the world still hates America, as we are all too often reminded, but it cannot be denied that turning away from McCain’s brand of bellicose Neocon foreign policy has seen this country’s stature on the international stage shoot through the roof. When the last Neocon, George W. Bush, left office, America was stuck, reeling in two quagmire wars, with our own allies afraid to call us friends and our enemies never more emboldened. Now, Iran has been brought to the table thanks to international sanctions made possible by our allies in the EU, North Korea and China are as isolated as ever, and old allies like England and France regularly talk of the “exceptional level of closeness and confidence” in relations under Obama.

Just STOP John McCain. You are so wrong. You ran for President twice on this type of Neocon foreign policy, you lost both times, once to another Republican, once to the very naive President you criticize today. Even worse, the country know’s you’re wrong, and the last thing it wants is another Neocon in office to bring us the next disaster like Iraq or Afghanistan, both of which 52 percent of Americans believe to have been failures, according to Pew.

– Governor Chris Christie held a town hall meeting today at a VFW hall in Monmouth county, New Jersey. The 105 minute session, which supposedly did not have pre-screened questions, might as well have in this heavily Republican district. According to Politico:

There were no questions about the federal or state legislative investigations into Bridgegate, the infamous traffic jam heard ’round the country that a handful of his aides set in motion in Fort Lee, N.J., last year.”

Yea, just a random group of 300 people that had the opportunity to ask the Governor anything, and not one of the mentioned Bridgegate, any of the other various “gates”, MSNBC persecution of the Governor, or anything! That seems likely.


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