Did You Feel That? January 2014 the Fourth Warmest January on Record

As many in America, especially the East Coast where this writer is situated, are well aware, it’s been a very cold winter in the United States. Anecdotally, I’ve missed at least some time from work because of dangerous snow storms just about every week since December, and, for the most part, those giant piles of snow have never melted all winter. In Boston, at least, it truly has been a winter wonder land this year.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one to have heard it and cringed many times since autumn turned to winter, cries of, “whatever happened to Global Warming!” have been abundant. Hell, I feel like I’ve heard that most ignorant of Republican talking points every day for the past two weeks at work.

Well, as anyone with any respect for science has been trying to say for years now, it turns out that a few cold days in the Northeast of America in January don’t actually disprove global warming. In fact, January was actually the fourth warmest January since scientists began keeping records in the 1880’s, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calculated that this January was 1.17 degrees warmer than the average over the previous century. The only years that had Januarys with a higher average temperature were 2002, 2003, and 2007, all within the last 12 years.

The AP reports:

Almost all of Africa, South America and Australia and most of Asia and Europe were considerably warmer than normal. China and France had their second warmest Januaries. Land in the entire Southern Hemisphere was hottest for January on record.

None of the above numbers matter one iota, as far as getting the votes to do anything about the problem, though, because conservatives the world over have convinced themselves, safe in their little FOX news bubble, that “liberal scientists” (conservatives can’t be scientists?) are intentionally cooking the books in order to do…something.

If anybody reading this knows exactly what that something is, I’d love to hear it. I still haven’t heard conservatives’ reasoning for why libearls are promulgating the “greatest hoax that has been perpetrated” in human history- what do they hope to gain, and how so many thousands of scientists all over the world have managed to avoid telling anyone about the grand plan.


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