Cigarette and Coffee Breakfast, 2/14/2014

– In another example of the far right’s disdain for embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Tea Party darling Sarah Palin failed to toe the company line to help Christie out. The former partial-term Alaska Governor told “Inside Edition” about the claim that Christie did not know about the bridge closing, “it’s hard to be the CEO of an organization and not know what the closest people to you are up to,” Palin said. “It’s tough not to know. I know when I was mayor and manager of this city and then governor of the state, certainly you know what your top aides are up to.”

– Koch brother associated group Americans For Prosperity is dropping $750,000 on the relatively small Louisiana market to attack incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. With the ad buy, the group alone has spent $2.6 million in the state, with eight and a half months until election day. Landrieu is no friend of liberal Democrats, as the opposition by her and a few other key moderate Democrats like Joe Lieberman in Connecticut (of all places) killed hopes for the Public Option or Medicare for all option during the health care reform debate of 2009. However, with how conservative Louisiana is, some departure from Democratic orthodoxy can be forgiven, and it is surely true that her Republican replacement would have been far, far worse for Democratic priorities. Of course, the same could not be said for Lieberman, who was promptly replaced with a more liberal Democrat, fitting the people he represents, Richard Blumenthal.

– As I covered yesterday, Democrat Kay Hagan has seen a relentless assault of outside money coming from those very same Koch brother groups, in fact, more money has been spent against her than Democratic groups have spent on every Senate race combined. All of those attack ads seem to be taking a toll, as Hagan’s numbers are trending down versus the entire field. In fact, in the latest poll from the respected PPP, Hagan trailed every one of the likely Republican challengers except for Edward Kryn, who she ties 40-40. She trails everyone else by between two and seven points.

– Republicans in Missouri are now in the unfamiliar position of trying to impeach Nixon. This time, it’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon. Two separate lawmakers have filed articles of impeachment, one for the Governor’s failure to call a special election to fill an open congressional seat, and the other for the Governor’s executive order mandating that the Missouri recognize out-of-state same sex marriages. Both charges sound like real winners, destined to go places.

From the AP:

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, making it the first state in the South to have its voter-approved prohibition overturned.

U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen issued a stay of her ruling, meaning that gay couples in the state will not be able to marry until all appeals in the case are finished. Many believe that will not be until the Supreme Court takes the case on.


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