You’ll Be Happy to Know that Janet Yellen Wore Sensible Shoes Yesterday!

Great catch from one of my favorite writers, Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones. This from Elizabeth Williamson of Real Time Economics, which, hilariously, calls itself “the home for economic insight and analysis from the Wall Street Journal“:

She took her seat at 10:01 a.m., clad in a monochrome suit and sensible shoes,carrying a black vinyl binder with rainbow-colored tabs. Once chided by an uncharitable commentator for wearing the same black dress twice in a row, Ms. Yellen hadn’t bought a new suit for the occasion, her spokeswoman, Michelle Smith, confided to a reporter. “I’ll try to come up with some color for you,” she whispered. (Bold added by Drum)

Drum continues, “Seriously?”. Yes Kevin, seriously. And you’d better get used to it!

With Hillary Clinton almost certainly running for President in 2016, possibly being joined by Elizabeth Warren and, who knows, maybe Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire runs for the Republicans, fashion is about to become a central theme of our politics for the next few years. No, of course, none of these things ever come up with male candidates, even if their head of hair probably takes more time to manicure than Hillary’s entire outfit, and nobody reported on what former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke wore to his swearing in, but everybody had better get used to this sort of stuff for the next few years.


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