Steve Stockman Is a Whacko

Representative Steve Stockman, Republican from Texas, is trying to unseat long time establishment Republican, and head of the powerful NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee) John Cornyn for a Senate seat in Texas this year. Steve Stockman is also a certifiable nut.

Earlier this year, Stockman went missing for several weeks following a congressional trip to Egypt. He was not seen on the campaign trail, nor did he make any votes in Congress. All of this happened while he was technically running for Senate, usually a time when people like to get their face and/or message out a bit. When he came back, he first teased everyone to “tune in tomorrow” for news on where he had been, and then the next day simply said he had been in Egypt all along, and the reason he missed votes was that he didn’t, “have a zillion dollars like Cornyn… [to] campaign,”. For some reason, the media accepted this without much scrutiny, and Stockman mostly receded to the right wing swamp he belongs. Until this week.

Now, much to everyone’s delight, Stockman has placed himself back in the news thanks to a libel suit he is bringing against the Cornyn people. In an add, groups associated with Cornyn brought up the fact that Stockman had been arrested in 1977 for possession of a controlled substance. Stockman’s suit reads, ““This case involves some of the most outrageous, malicious defamation ever recorded in Harris County,” which would be great, if it weren’t for this little factoid, when Stockman was first elected to congress:

He told The Dallas Morning News in 1995 that he had reported to jail for a two-day sentence stemming from a traffic violation and officers found three 10 milligram tablets of Valium in his underwear during a strip search. Stockman pleaded no contest to “use of a controlled substance” – a misdemeanor – with the understanding that it would be dropped after a short period of “unofficial” probation, according to the article.

Yes, that’s right, as a matter of public record, Stockman was, in fact, arrested for possession of Valium in Michigan in 1977 and plead no contest.


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