Cigarette and Coffee Breakfast 2/12/2014

– Here’s another case of the ubiquitous ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) I’ve been talking so much about lately: I was having a discussion with a “conservative but not Republican” I know, and he mentioned that he was concerned by the massive number of executive orders under President Obama. I immediately challenged this, and asked where he heard it. He responded that, “he had read it”. So I proceeded to do a quick 10 second Google search, which turned up this graph:


After seeing this evidence, the conservative immediately began attacking the source, saying there was disinformation for both sides. This graph appeared in a national publication. I think this really speaks to the power of the FOX News echo chamber. They are able to take a FACT, such as “Obama has the second fewest executive orders per day in office in the last 100 years” and turn perception by this interested by not obsessed, Average Joe voter, into the exact opposite, in the matter of a few weeks since the State of the Union when Obama announced he would increase the minimum wage for federal contractors by Executive Order. It really is amazing.

– By the way, President Obama is signing that order today. Hundreds of thousands of janitors, construction workers, security guards, etc, all of whom work for companies that contract with the Federal Government, will see their wage increase from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour. Of course, the order only applies to new contracts, so current employees will have to wait until their firm’s current contract is renewed.

– Somewhat shockingly, Republican Kevin Faulconer has won the San Diego Mayoral election. San Diego has long been considered a blue area of already blue California. The moderate Faulconer, who has a cool name, won a special election when former Mayor Bob Filner resigned mid-term due to Sexual Harassment allegations. Faulconer continued his moderate tone in victory, “It’s never been about partisanship, it’s been about leadership,” he said. “It’s not about Republicans, Democrats or independents. It’s about us being San Diegans and moving this city together.”

– Delicious infighting among Republicans over their recent cave on the debt ceiling extension. House Majority Leader John Boehner is SHOCKED he’s not being heralded as a hero for saving America by his more conservative colleagues:

Boehner’s delivery was crisp; his decision was final. The room of Republicans sat up, stunned that Boehner was abruptly shifting away from the leadership’s plan, which had been championed 12 hours earlier at a Monday night meeting in the Capitol basement. But there were no outcries or boos. A few members whispered to each other that Boehner was right, that due to conservative opposition to any hike, he was cornered. But they didn’t speak up or clap. Boehner just stood there for a moment after he finished, eyed the room, and walked toward his seat. On his way there, Boehner shook his head, then turned to the nearly mute crowd and wondered aloud why he wasn’t getting applause. “I’m getting this monkey off your back and you’re not going to even clap?”

– Super-conservative group The Madison Project has endorsed Dr. Paul Broun in the Republican primary for Georgia’s open Senate seat. The winner will face Democrat Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, who is considered a top-flight contender to turn Georgia purple. After blowing elections in the past few years with candidates who were far too conservative like Ken Buck in Colorado, Christine O’Donnoll in Delaware, Joe Miller in Alaska, Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Todd Akin in Missouri, and Sue Lowden in Nevada, effectively handing the majority in the Senate to the Democrats, Democrats have to love the sight of another Tea-colored outside group backing Conservative wackjob Dr. Paul Broun this time around. Some of his greatest hits? Try these on for size:

“You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth. I don’t believe that the earth’s but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says”

Or how about:

Our Constitution was written by men that believed that! And in fact, the Constitution’s written on Biblical principles — in fact, the three branches of government come right from Isaiah, Isaiah 33:22, go look it up!

Now, we all know how popular mixing theology and government is with the wide swath of American voters, especially in places like inner-city Atlanta and Mobile, which are key to winning any statewide election in Georgia. So who am I to tell him that this is a bad strategy? However, I’m pretty sure that Democrats are elated to see Broun being elevated above his more moderate (sane) Republican rivals.


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