Cigarette and Coffee Breakfast 2/6/14

– Much of the East Coast of America was slammed with a winter storm yesterday that left more than a foot of heavy, wet snow behind. The storm, which dropped snow for at least 20 hours in this author’s backyard, could be followed by an even larger winter storm this coming weekend, which is already forming off the West Coast.

– The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia get under way in earnest today, the day before the opening ceremony. Among other events getting an early start will be men’s and women’s snowboarder slopestyle, women’s mogul skiing, and individual figure skating events. The opening ceremony is tomorrow night on NBC, look for Boston Bruins captain, and giant of a man, Zedeno Chara being honored as the flag holder for his country, Slovakia.

– Texas Gubernatorial candidate, Democrat Wendy Davis, who represents the Fort Worth area, is channeling her inner W. Bush, hoping to “out Texas Texas”, as she has indicated she will support a new “open carry” law, which would allow registered and licensed Texans to wear pistols in a holster on their belt buckle. The candidate is even bucking her own state party to make a statement about what a conservative Democrat she is, “there is little or no public safety justification for open carry,” Emmanuel Garcia, a spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party, told the AP. Davis, who has long been collecting donations from national liberals after her courageous filibuster in the Texas state legislature, may see a large down-tick in those contributions.

You see, the Democratic party favors gun CONTROL, not gun LETS HAVE THEM MORE READILY AVAILABLE SO EVEN MORE ACCIDENTAL DEATHS AND TRAGEDIES HAPPEN. For people from Texas, this distinction can be difficult. For the rest of us, its easy to tell who a real Democrat is, and one who will just tack back to the right as soon as she gets elected. Davis has made clear which type she is, and she won’t get a sentence of support in this space anymore.

– Remember how yesterday I said Scott Brown was a terrible fit for the conservative Republicans who live just to my north? Well, the New Hampshire League of Conservative Voters is going up with a $220,000 ad buy in the state to “dissuade” the former Massachusetts Senator from carpetbagging to the north. The ads began yesterday, and the majority of them will run on Manchester’s WMUR. However, the linked story really buried the lead, as they tell us in the final paragraph that the former Playgirl model, “made the front page of the Manchester Union Leader over the weekend when he swam shirtless as part of the annual “Penguin Plunge” to benefit the Special Olympics. Brown was part of a team called the ‘Frozen Seaman'”. Yes, SEAMAN, get it? Because it sounds like a bodily fluid! How very Senatorial.

– Sad news out of California, Sandra Fluke has decided to run for the State Senate seat being vacated by one of the “heavyweights” already in the race for retiring U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman’s seat. Rather than make waves and upset incumbents (as some President I’ve heard of has been known to do), Fluke will first make a name for herself, build an organization, and cut her teeth in California state politics before stepping into national politics. It is certainly a safe move, but one wonders if her name recognition will be what it is now when she decides to make the big move. I’m saying it now- Fluke would have won this race on name recognition and charisma alone, and deciding not to run now is a mistake.

– Lastly, President Obama has told Democrats in vulnerable areas not to feel bad about telling him to butt the hell out. The President understand that, with vulnerable Democrats hoping to appeal to independents in Republican-leaning districts, his presence may not be helpful, and may in fact be harmful, to the electoral fortunes of the Democrats he hopes to finish his Presidendcy with. An anonymous Senator told Talking Points Memo that, “he said he knew he is not popular in some of the states so he would not be offended if he were not invited to visit them this year. But he said he could be helpful in some parts of some states.”


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