Bridgegate Makes Chris Christie MORE Popular With Tea Party

Interesting catch by Jonathan Bernstein (and a tip of the hat to Kevin Drum) for Bloomberg. Chris Christie’s approval rating has risen ten points among self-described Tea Party members since the Governor’s litany of scandals began. As Bernstein adds:

“For at least some non-trivial group of Republicans, all a politician has to do to win their favor is to get attacked by anyone outside of the conservative bubble.

Which is, to put it bluntly, pathetic…

If the core credential for being a Real Conservative is to be attacked (by liberals? by the “neutral” news media? by prosecutors?), then demagogues, charlatans and the inept have a real advantage over responsible, competent politicians. Which really is a problem for the Republican Party, but beyond that, is an even more important problem, I would think, for actual ideological conservatives — that is, people who care about public policy and ideology, as opposed to being purely concerned with tribal allegiances.”

Quite right. I’ve talked to more than a few people that I really respect who consider themselves Republicans, but realize that nobody with their viewpoints (you know the economic conservative social liberal type) could EVER win an election in their own party. At that point, the conversation usually turns to how they hope to help the party to moderate. As you can see, a party that can’t even see outside of its own FOX News bubble is nowhere near ready for change.


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