Wingsnuts ENRAGED With Coke, Because Freedom

It seems as if this country is so polarized, that we cannot even have a major NON-POLITICAL event without something becoming politicized in the course of the action.

First, it was Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, whose over the top rant following the NFC championship game had many people calling him a “thug“. It wasn’t long until most of the country was either pro or anti-Sherman, completely down party lines. On the right, you had those who (rightfully, in my opinion) found Sherman’s actions to be thuggish, self-aggrandizing, and stupid. The left, on the other hand, thought that the “thug” moniker was racist, and pointed out that Sherman had an amazing story of growing up poor in Compton, California, attending Stanford, and becoming an eloquent, philanthropic, NFL superstar.

So, obviously, we could not get through an entire Super Bowl without something igniting the basic divide that lies between so many Americans. This time, it was a Coca-Cola commercial, which featured the Katharine Lee Bates song America the Beautiful being sung by children of different races and ethnicities, all in different languages. To sane observers, it seemed to be a message that this country is a melting pot of many different cultures, ethnicities, languages, and heritages, that all come together to make this country everything that it is.

To many on the right, however… Well, I’ll just post some quotes:


“because of that commercial I’m switching to Pepsi. In America we speak English !!!”

Brad Fleming@BadassBrad9:

“go fuck yourself for the commercial last night. This is America.”

That Carta Guy:

@CocaCola Whats with the Superbowl commercial? Do you all support Terrorists or what, bad choice in taste. I love America personally.

@CocaCola fuck you guys. You’re some goddamn terrorists. You’re shit is rank.

Coke loses my respect for putting a gay couple in the video. I couldn’t give a fuck about the Spanish song

I find myself wondering more and more if it’s worth it to engage people on the merits in certain arguments, or just let it go. After all, nobody has made anyone change their mind in a political argument since 1971. In this case, I’m going to go with no, since I have a sneaking suspicion that these tweets are fueled much more by racism than anything else, and no logical argument will be able to disavow them of their antiquated worldview.

On the bright side, Coca-Cola most likely knew this would happen when they made the ad in the way they did, and are excited about all of the free advertising they are getting from posts like these all over the country today. Conservatives will forget about the commercial in a few weeks, Coke will have its free advertising, and the only victim is our political discourse.


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