Following Christie Collapse, Republican Presidential Field Shaken Up

New data from Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that the Republican 2016 Presidential field has seen a major shake up following the implosion of Chris Christie’s standing. The biggest recipient, strangely, seems to have been Mike Huckabee, who moves into first place with 16%. It would also seem that the Republican base very much enjoyed Hucakabee’s recent “libido” comments, but it is hard to see that sort of message being a winner in the general election, especially with women:

“Mike Huckabee’s comments last week didn’t hurt him with the GOP base,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “If anything they might have helped him in combination with Chris Christie’s implosion.

And therein lies the problem for the Republican party. At the most basic level, the things that get their primary candidates votes, lose them votes in the general election. The base may love talk of “self deportation” of illegal immigrants, for example, but given the current demographic situation in America, it’s just terrible politics. Just ask Mitt Romney how that works.

Especially this coming cycle, with no clear-cut establishment candidate like Mitt Romney (or Christie would have been) to suck up the media spotlight and be non-insane, this Republican primary will be one of bomb throwing from the far right.

All of the candidates will have to prove themselves to a rabidly anti-Obama, anti-Democrat, anti-everything base. There is a 100% chance that the candidate who wins the ’16 Republican primary will have done damage to himself (yes, it will be a he…) for the general election while genuflecting at the altar of the far right.



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