Sweet Dreams 1/30/14

– Sandra Fluke running for congress is sure to drive California Republicans crazy. Based on her personal website, it looks like she’s already in full candidate mode. If she were to win the primary (which would mean surefire election in this safely blue district) it’s not hard to imagine her being a strong advocate of women’s reproductive health issues in congress, based upon how well she handled the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh calling her a slut last year.

– Nice write up from Jarret Murphy at The Nation about the “end” of the stop and frisk “policy” in New York City. Turns out it’s a lot more complicated than it appears at first look. Most importantly, even as it was a key campaign issue in last year’s mayoral race, resulting in the election of Democrat Bill DeBlasio, overall incidents of “stop and frisk” have been decreasing rapidly for years. On top of that, DeBlasio says they will still use stop and frisk “as a tactic”, but not as a strategy. I guess this means that they will use it when they have probable cause?

– Congress seems to be taking a chill pill when it comes to Iran. This was a particularly depressing episode in Congressional attempts at foreign policy, and I’m glad to see it over for now. The worst part of the whole thing was AIPAC demanding that Florida Congresswoman and head of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman-Schultz support the dangerous sanctions against Iran. You see, AIPAC carefully tries to maintain a policy of bipartisanship, but in this case was practically speaking in FOX News talking points. As former AIPAC head lobbyist Doug Bloomfield said it was, “the first time [he’s] seen such a blatant departure from bipartisanship,”  in his 40 years at the organization.

– Things just keep getting worse for Chris Christie. As Kevin Drum outlined for Mother Jones, the New York Times seems to be using its ample resources to paint a picture that does not look good for the Governor, who has already taken a beating to his standings in the polls. It’s a foregone conclusion that his negative approval numbers will dip even further as stories like this and this keep hitting the Times, which, of course, is readily available just across the river in New Jersey.

– I wanted to get something about this phenomenon in here early on: winter is continuing to not disprove global warming. This is something I deal with on a regular basis these days, it’s cold in the Northeast! So the more science that can get out there to fight this absolutely ridiculous line of reasoning, the better. Say it with me everyone, “The fact that it’s WINTER, does not disprove GLOBAL warming”.


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