Introductions (And Hello, World!)

Welcome to the Political Blog to be Named Later. My name is Scott, and I’m a proud liberal, University of Massachusetts grad, and Boston sports fan. Though I love the Pats, Celtics, and B’s, there’s no doubt that my first and best love was the Boston Red Sox. For those who aren’t sports fans, the name of this blog comes from the common term, usually in baseball trades “a player to be named later”, or PTBNL. These players are often thrown in as afterthoughts, as icing on the cake to get a deal done, but, despite their anonymity, sometimes turn out to be great players.

On these pages, though, I’ll try to keep the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics talk to a minimum.

No, on these pages, the focus will be American politics, especially those that take place in Washington, D.C., but also  state level issues that reach national relevance. As I said above, I consider myself a “proud” liberal, or, as many have noted, a “reality based person”. I believe in things like science, giving money to poor people in order to make them less poor, and giving peace a chance. I do not believe that women’s reproductive decisions should be made by anyone but the woman herself, and I most certainly do not believe that lowering taxes causes the government to end up with more money.

With that in mind, buckle up, let’s talk politics! I want to hear feedback and discussion as much as possible, and we all know nothing breeds those things like some political smack talk.


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